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Our Menu


Edamame (G)$5.00

Black hawaiian sea salt or spicy togarashi

Kobe Beef Sliders$9.00

Crispy onion, local white cheddar, boston lettuce, plum ketchup, pretzel bun

Kamakaze Shrimp$9.00

Treaded and tossed in sambal aioli

Blue Point Mussels (G)$12.00

Coconut curry broth

Black Pepper Calamari$8.00

Sweet chilli sauce

Lobster Rangoon$10.00

Pineapple sweet and sour sauce

Pork Potstickers$10.00

Steamed or fried, sweet and spicy ponzu sauce

Lettuce Wrap (G)$12.00

Chicken or pork

Ceviche* (G)$12.00

Shrimp, whitefish, scallop, tomato, avocado, cucumber, wonton basket

Spicy Tuna Wontons$11.00

Crispy wonton, sesame seeds, micro wasabi, avocado aioli

Asian Sticky Wings$10.00

Fried chicken wings, sweet and spicy sticky sauce

Korean Street Kebab*$12.00

Certified Angus Beef Brand
Tip medallion, bolgogi marinade, sticky rice

Steam Buns$12.00

Crispy pork, sake pickle, cilantro, carrot, hoisen sauce, steamed buns


Side 3 | Squid 6 | Seaweed 4

Ponzu Chop (G)$11.00

Roasted broccoli, edamame, peanuts, cucumber, rice noodle, shredded carrot, cabbage, scallion, cilantro, peanut dressing

Asian Kale Caesar (G)$10.00

Shredded kale and romaine lettuce, togarashi croutons, local white cheddar, yuzu caeser

Buckwheat Noodle Salad$10.00

Chilled soba noodles, edamame, carrot, red pepper, cilantro, cucumber, sesame dressing

Coconut Chicken Salad$13.00

Avocado, grape tomato, red onion, edamame, almonds, wasabi cucumber dressing, jalapeno raspberry sauce

Ponzu Salmon Salad* (G)$13.00

Asparagus, sprouts, red pepper, edamame, sweet chili vinaigrette

Sesame Seared Tuna Salad* (G)$16.00

Edamame, cabbage slaw, mixed greens, sprouts, peanut dressing
ADD chicken 4
ADD shrimp, salmon or steak kebab 6


Miso Soup$4.00

Side Salad$3.00

Sushi Rice$3.00

Coconut Jasmine Rice$3.00

House Vegetables$5.00

Togarashi Frittes$5.00


Served with Soup, Salad or House Fries

Fish Tacos (G)$12.00

Blackened basa, avocado, red cabbage slaw, cilantro lime aioli, mango salsa, corn tortilla


Crispy pork, cob smoked ham, sake pickle, provolone, sriracha mustard

Beef Bahn Mi$15.00

Certified Angus Beef Brand
Beef tips, cilantro, carrot, mint, sake cucumber, cabbage, spicy aoili on a baguette

Aksarben Burger$12.00

Local wagyu blend patty, local white cheddar, bibb lettuce, tomato, bun 12
ADD: avocado 1, grilled shiitake 1, fried egg 1

Spicy Peanut Chicken Wrap$11.00

Grilled chicken, avocado, asian slaw, edamame, spicy peanut drizzle, tomato wrap, peanuts


Served with choice of Soup or Salad

Teriyaki Chicken*$12.00

Coconut jasmine rice, asparagus

Udon Noodle Bowl$12.00

Ponzu broth, scallion, green beans, snap pea, carrot, cilantro, shiitake mushroom
ADD chicken 4
ADD steak kebab or shrimp 6

Seared Ahi Tuna*$22.00

Sesame soba noodle stir-fry

Plum Glazed Salmon$22.00

Wild caught salmon, edamame puree, sticky rice, sesame green bean

Tonkatsu Ramen Bowl$16.00

Slow roasted pulled pork, six minute egg, radish sprout, shiitake mushroom, red cabbage and scallions

Ahi Poke Bowl* (G)$16.00

Ahi tuna poke, spicy crab mix, avocado, cucumber, carrot, seaweed salad, edamame, sticky rice, poke sauce

Beef Fried Rice*$16.00

Quinoa brown rice blend, edamame, carrot, scallions, Certified Angus Beef Brand beef kebab, topped with a fried egg


Ice Cream (G)$4.00

Green Tea | Vanilla Bean | Lemon Sorbet

Coconut Bread Pudding$6.00

Vanilla bean ice cream, miso caramel sauce

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Rangoon$6.00

Vanilla bean ice cream

Mochi Trio$7.00

Chocolate, mango, strawberry

Rotating Cheesecake$6.00

Ask server for today's cheesecake flavor!

Sushi Menu

Traditional Sushi

Maguro - Tuna *

2 Piece Nigiri $7 | 3 Piece Sashimi $9

Hamachi - Yellowtail *

2 Piece Nigiri $6 | 3 Piece Sashimi $8

Sake - Salmon *

2 Piece Nigiri $5 | 3 Piece Sashimi $7

Kampachi *

2 Piece Nigiri $6 | 3 Piece Sashimi $8

Hirame - Halibut *

2 Piece Nigiri $6 | 3 Piece Sashimi $8

Shiro Maguro - Albacore *

2 Piece Nigiri $6 | 3 Piece Sashimi $8

Walu Walu - Escolar *

2 Piece Nigiri $6 | 3 Piece Sashimi $8

Ebi - Shrimp

2 Piece Nigiri $5 | 3 Piece Sashimi $7

Tako - Octupus

2 Piece Nigiri $5 | 3 Piece Sashimi $7

Ika - Squid *

2 Piece Nigiri $5 | 3 Piece Sashimi $7

Seared Hotate - Seared Scallop *

2 Piece Nigiri $6 | 3 Piece Sashimi $8

Smoked Salmon

2 Piece Nigiri $6 | 3 Piece Sashimi $8

Unagi - Freshwater Eel

2 Piece Nigiri $5 | 3 Piece Sashimi $7

Ikura - Salmon Roe *

2 Piece Nigiri $6 | 3 Piece Sashimi $8

Masago - Smelt Roe *

2 Piece Nigiri $5 | 3 Piece Sashimi $7

Opah - Moonfish *

2 Piece Nigiri $6 | 3 Piece Sashimi $8

Tobiko - Flying Fish Roe *

2 Piece Nigiri $6 | 3 Piece Sashimi $8

Ama Ebi - Sweet Shrimp *

2 Piece Nigiri $9

Uzura - Quail Eggs (Add to Roe) *

2 Piece Nigiri $1

Chef's Choice Platters

Choose between Sashimi or Nigiri


10 Piece $30 | 20 Piece $50


10 Piece $30 | 20 Piece $50

New Age

Cilantro Ponzu Hamachi *$10.00

(5 Pieces)
Spicy crab, cucumber, avocado, red pepper, scallions

Salmon Carpaccio *$10.00

(6 Pieces)
Salmon sashimi, mixed greens, lemon dill vinaigrette, fried capers

Tuna Poke Napolean *$12.00

Sushi rice, marinated tuna, mango salsa, seaweed salad, wonton chips

Roasted Salmon Nigiri$6.00

(2 Pieces)
Roasted salmon atop a bed of rice with aioli and negi

Seared Salmon Toro Nigiri$6.50

(2 Pieces)
Fatty salmon over rice with Ikura on top

Hirame Crudo$12.00

(5 Pieces)
Hirame sashimi rolled around red pepper and kiware, topped with lime juice and black Hawaiian sea salt

House Rolls


Crab, avocado, cucumber

Crunchy Cali$7.00

Crab, avocado, cucumber, sweet chili, rolled in panko

Tekka *$7.00


Sake *$6.00


Negi Hamachi *$7.00

Yellowtail, scallion

Crispy Shrimp$7.00

Tempura shrimp, unagi sauce, cucumber




Ripe avocado

Spicy Tekka *$6.00

Spicy tuna, cucumber, scallions

Spicy Sake *$6.00

Spicy salmon, cucumber, scallions

Unagi Maki$7.00

Broiled eel, avocado, cucumber, topped with unagi sauce


Cucumber, avocado, red pepper, kaiware


Smoked salmon, cream cheese and cucumber


Unagi, cucumber, topped with avocado and unagi sauce

Rainbow *$11.00

Cali roll topped with assorted sashimi

Salmon Carola$6.00

Fried salmon, avocado, panko and carola sauce

Crazy Crab$7.00

Spicy crab, avocado, rolled in panko, topped with unagi sauce

Rising Sun$6.00

Fried salmon, red pepper, cream cheese, panko and spicy mango sauce

Berry Bomb$10.00

Spicy crab, fried salmon, avocado, red pepper, jalapeño raspberry sauce


Tempura soft shell crab avocado, masago, cucumber and spicy aioli


Seaweed Salad$4.00

Squid Salad$6.00

Side Salad$4.00

Miso Soup$4.00

Sushi Rice$3.00

Unagi Sauce$0.50

Sweet Chili$0.50

Spicy Mayo$0.50

Carola Sauce$0.50

Soy Paper$1.50

Price Per Roll

Specialty Rolls

Tako Maki *$9.00

Tako, halibut, cilantro, avocado

Jammin Salmon$11.00

Spicy crab, cream cheese, avocado, jalapeño, topped with baked salmon and carola sauce

Hot Mess *$13.00

Spicy tuna, tempura scallion, topped with spicy crab, spicy sauce, jalapeño

Pacific *$10.00

Grilled shrimp, avocado, cilantro, spicy salmon, topped with grilled jalapeño, cilantro, wicked ponzu

Dynamite Roll *$13.00

Tempura shrimp, avocado, cilantro, jalapeño and spicy tuna, topped with spicy crab and dynamite sauce baked


Spicy crab, cream cheese, avocado, cilantro, jalapeño, tempura fried, topped with chili garlic sauce

Hamachu Picchu *$10.00

Crab, kaiware, tempura red pepper, avocado, topped with search hamachi, black sea salt and cilantro ponzu

Luna Tuna *$13.00

Spicy tuna, avocado, red pepper, cucumber, topped with albacore, jalapeño and wicked ponzu


Tempura shrimp, spicy crab, rolled in panko and topped with sweet chili sauce

Coco Loco$10.00

Shrimp tempura, crab mix, cucumber, avocado rolled in panko topped with mango sauce and toasted coconut

Opah Cabana Roll *$10.00

Crab mix, avocado, cream cheese and tempura scallion topped with opah and yuzu Ponzu sauce

Havana Salmon *$12.00

Spicy salmon, avocado, topped with seared escolar jalapeño and wicked ponzu

Acapulco *$10.00

(5 Pieces)
Spicy crab, spicy tuna, tempura jalapeño, cilantro

Pablo Escobar *$10.00

Spicy crab, tempura red pepper, avocado & cilantro, topped with seared escolar and wicked Ponzo with soy paper

Orange Daisy *$13.00

Crab, avocado, surrounded with salmon sashimi and masago

Super Tako$9.00

Tako, spicy crab, tomato, avocado, cucumber, cilantro, carola sauce

Seattle *$10.00

Fried salmon, asparagus, cream cheese, topped with unagi sauce

Yuzu Salmon Roll *$11.00

Salmon topped with crab mix, avocado, tempura scallion, cream cheese, drizzled in yuzu Ponzu with yuzu tobiko

Super Veggie Roll$9.00

Spinach soy paper, tempura shitake, red pepper, and avocado, rolled in panko and topped in unagi sauce

Red Dragon *$12.00

Grilled shrimp and avocado, topped with seared albacore and spicy sauce


Smoked salmon, tempura scallions topped with cream cheese and capers

Calamari Roll$8.00

Fried calamari, spicy crab and kaiware topped with spicy lemon aioli

Tsunami Roll$12.00

Tempura shrimp, cream cheese, cucumber, jalapeño topped with kanikama, unagi sauce and wasabi aioli

Portland *$9.00

Spicy salmon, crab, cucumber, panko

Super Unagi *$14.00

Tempura shrimp, crab, topped with broiled eel, black tobiko and unagi sauce

Tarantula Maki *$12.00

Tempura soft shell crab, avocado, cream cheese, wasabi aoili

Tombo Trouble *$10.00

Spicy crab, cilantro, avocado, topped with albacore, jalapeño and wicked ponzu

Tiger Shrimp Roll *$10.00

(5 Pieces)
Spicy tuna, masago, tempura shrimp, avocado, and boston bibb lettuce

Crunchy Veggie *$8.00

Tempura asparagus, cucumber, carrot, avocado, red pepper, cream cheese, unagi sauce, rolled in panko

Esmerelda Roll *$16.00

Spicy tuna, spicy crab, avocado, cilantro, & tempura shrimp topped with tuna sashimi, jalapeño, carola sauce and wicked Ponzu

Maiu Wowie *$11.00

Salmon, crab mix, escolar, mango, topped with mango sauce and toasted coconut, tempura fried

Godzilla *$10.00

Spicy tuna, avocado, tempura fried, topped with crab mix, masago and unagi sauce

Askarben Roll *$13.00

Spicy crab, avocado, tenderloin, shoestring onions, carola sauce

Tuna Tango *$14.00

Spicy tuna, shrimp tempura and cucumber topped with tuna wasabi aioli and red tobiko

Cancun *$14.00

Tuna, yellowtail, cream cheese tempura fried topped with guacamole

Lunch Special

Roll Choices

Cali Roll

Crunchy Cali Roll

Tekka Roll *

Spicy Tekka Roll *

Sake Roll *

Spicy Sake Roll *

Veggie Roll

Crunchy Veggie Roll

Negi Hamachi Roll *

Crazy Crab

Berry Bomb

Rising Sun

Salmon Carola

Nigiri Combo *

1 Hamachi Nigiri

1 Maguro Nigiri

1 Sake Nigiri

1 Ebi Nigiri

Sashimi Combo *

1 Hamachi Sashimi

2 Maguro Sashimi

2 Sake Sashimi

Bar Menu


La Terre, California

6 | 22

Sean Minor, Central Coast CA

8 | 30

Sonoma Cutrer, Sonoma CA

10 | 38

Pinot Grigio

Three Pears, Napa CA

7 | 26

Riff by Alois Lageder, Italy

8 | 30

Sauvignon Blanc

Angeline, Sonoma Valley CA

7 | 26

Ferrari Carano, Fume Blanc, CA

9 | 34


Leonard Kreusch Riesling, Piesporter Germany

7 | 26

Mountain View "Still" Moscato, California

7 | 26

Bricco Riella "Sparkling" Moscato d'Asti, Italy

9 | 34

Guilhem, Moulin De Gassac France

9 | 34

Adami Prosecco D.O.C., Italy

10 | 38

Pinot Noir

Angeline, California

8 | 30

Block 9, California

9 | 34

Witness Tree, Willamette Valley OR

11 | 40


La Terre, California

6 | 22

Gen 5 Winery, Lodi CA

7 | 26

Cabernet Sauvignon

La Terre, California

6 | 22

Sean Minor, Paso Robles CA

8 | 30

Revelry, Columbia Valley WA

10 | 38


Menage A Trois, California

7 | 26

Rodolfo Malbec, Argentina

7 | 26

Mountain View Zinfandel, Amador CA

7 | 26

Yalumba Shiraz, South Australia

8 | 30

Beer\Tap Beer

Kirin Ichiban$5.00

Matilda Belgian Style Ale$6.00

Bud Light$3.00

Ask about our seasonal tap

Beer\Other Bottles/Imports

Sapporo 20oz$8.00

Tsing Tao$4.00




Shock Top$4.50

Stella Cidre$5.00


Beer\Bottled Domestics

Bud Light$3.50


Miller Lite$3.50

Coors Light$3.50

Michelob Ultra$3.75


Stormy Ginger$8.00

Rum, ginger beer, lime juice, fresh ginger

White Peach Sangria$8.00

Chardonnay, fruit liquor, fresh fruits


Tequila, triple sec, sour mix, pomegranate liquor

Midtown Mule$8.00

Vodka, fresh berries, ginger beer, lime juice

Hot Marge$9.00

Tequila, jalepeno, triple sec, sour, lime, salt

Old Fashioned$8.00

Bourbon, candied orange and ginger, rye infused cherries


Gin, lemon juice, ginger beer

Mango Mojito$9.00

Mango, mint, rum, simple syrup, club soda

Ponzu Rum Punch$9.00

Light rum, dark spiced rum, orange juice, pineapple juice, grenadine, spiced cherries

Citron Sipper$8.00

Citron vodka, muddled cucumber, muddled cilantro, simple syrup, lemon-lime soda


House Hot

Carafe - 7

House Cold

Carafe - 7

Momokawa Silver

Carafe - 12
Bottle - 28

Momokawa Diamond

Carafe - 12
Bottle - 28

Momokawa Pearl

Carafe - 28

Moonstone Asian Pear

Carafe - 12
Bottle - 28

Gekkeikan Black and Gold

Carafe - 13
Bottle - 32

Gekkeikan Zipang Sparkling

Carafe - 14

Fudo Myoo Nigori 300ml

Carafe - 13.5

Fudo Myoo Junmai 300ml

Carafe - 13.5

Large Sake Bomb

20 oz sapporo and sake
Carafe - 13

Purple Haze

Sake and raspberry liquor
Carafe - 9


Berry Bellini$8.00

Strawberry vodka, chamboard, champagne float

Blueberry Lemon Drop$9.00

Blueberry vodka, lemonade, blueberry simple syrup

Classic Dirty$9.00

Gin or vodka, blue cheese stuffed olives

Cucumber Gin Gimlet$9.00

Gin, ginger, cucumber lime

Ruby Red Grapefruit$8.00

Citrus vodka, grapefruit liquor, orange juice

Pearl Cosmo$7.00

Vodka, pearl sake, triple sec, lime juice, cranberry juice

Basil Berry$8.00

Gin, basil, muddled strawberry, simple syrup

Cool Citrus Sake$8.00

Cucumber sake, TyKu citrus liquor, soda

Lychee Martini$8.00

Vodka, lychee liquor, splash lemonade

Peach Pomegranate$9.00

Peach vodka, pama, peach schnapps, orange juice